All our canine guests are housed in secure brick pens, with heating available in winter, and a micro spray cooling system in summer. we have pens for single dogs and large family suites large enough for 3 Labradors.

Our guests are exercised based on their individual requirements, and we do not charge “extra” for those requiring extra run time! We work on the basis that the pooches get what is needed so we all sleep well at night!

We are also very accommodating to higher need guests on medications, post surgery or certain diets. For simple medications there is no extra cost. Lisa has many years of vet nursing experience, and a life time of animal care.

If your pooch suffers from anxiety issues big or small, we will work with them as needed to make them comfortable and settled here. We love having happy faces!

The diet we choose and use has been tried and tested over the past 20 years, from raising puppies to oldies with pancreatic issues etc. your dog is fed as we feed ours, on the Vets All Natural Complete Mix and fresh preservative free beef/lamb mince. We will of course cater for more fussy eaters, and have other foods if needed, else you are welcome to provide your own.

Book well in advance to ensure you get a place during busy school or public holiday periods (you may need to book many months ahead).
Visit the boarding establishment to make sure you’re happy with the facilities, cleanliness and staff.

Ensure your pet is vaccinated, microchipped and all worming and other medications are up to date.

Help your pet feel more at home by leaving it with familiar items (eg your old jumper) and its favourite toys.

For dogs, pre-vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, kennel cough (parainfluenza (Type II) virus and Bordetella bronchiseptica) and parvovirus is required. A current vaccination certificate ( ie certifying that vaccination was done within the preceding 12 months and that the “due date” for the next vaccination has not been passed) must be produced for each dog before admission.